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The Full Southern Experience
$ 900 per person
1 - 7 people
4 Days
Lisboa, Portugal
Off-road / Dual-sport
Based on Rider's Preference
Join us as we tackle 4 all-inclusive days of Portuguese off-road motorcycle riding; including sleeping in ancient castles, sampling delicious delicacies and wines, hoping on ferries, meeting locals and riding the magical Vicentina coastline.

Covering around 250km/day, you will ride South (departing from Lisbon) along the magical Vicentina coast line. We'll equip you with SENA intercoms so you can maintain communication with your friends and/or the guides. Our guides are highly trained and will show you a fun and adventurous time. Our motorcycles are comfortable and light, making them perfect for the daily distance and type of tracks we'll be covering. We ensure you will experience the fascinating and unique delights that Portugal has to offer.

In addition to riding, you’ll also get the chance to immerse yourself in the Portuguese culture, experience the warmth and hospitality of the local people, enjoy the bucolic landscapes and feast upon our unique and diverse cuisine and wines. As Portuguese riders, we realize the best things about our country are not highlighted by your average tourism guide-book or guided-tour. TrailOut Tours shows you a more complete picture of the Portuguese landscape, culture, and experience!
Day 1: Lisbon to Odeceixe (280 kms, 70% Off-Road)
We will meet at TrailOut headquarters around 9am to start off our journey in Lisbon, where we'll drive by it’s most iconic landmarks on our way South. In only 15 minutes, we'll reach the first off-road trails, blazing our way to the ferry in Setúbal that will take is further South into Alentejo. Most of the day will be spent riding alongside the ocean, on the famous “Vicentina Coast”, one of the world's most beautiful coastlines. We’ll reach our destination in Odeceixe at the end of the afternoon, where we will enjoy the sunset at this peculiar beach where the river meets the Ocean.
Day 2: Odeceixe to Mertola (220 kms, 90% off-road)
This is probably the most demanding day, as we cross the great mountains that stand between the coast and our daily destination, near the Spanish border.

The drive is beautiful, and the type of terrain changes every 30kms, from fast, easy and broad dirt roads to amazing zig-zagging single tracks up in the mountains and into the eucalyptus forests. The day ends in Mértola, a rural small city fortified by great walls from the medieval age.
Day 3: Mertola to Monsaraz (220 kms, 90% off-road)
A few minutes after the departure we’ll reach the abandoned mine complex of “São Domingos”. There, we will find not only an alien landscape to explore but also an authentic dirt-bike playground where we will surely have some fun!

After that, we'll start our way up North again, only a few hundred meters away from the Spanish border and into the Alqueva Dam region; one of the largest artificial lakes in Europe. Once again, the day ends in a Castle; located on a mountain from where you can see the magnificent beauty of Alentejo. This area is beautiful whether golden in the summer, or green and bursting with life in the colder months.
Day 4: Monsaraz to Lisbon (350 kms, 70% off-road)
We want our guests to leave Portugal with a marked memory, and so the longest ride is saved for the last day. In the morning, some challenging single-tracks will lead us cross the labyrinthine trails of Ossa’s mountain and off to Estremoz, where lunch will be served.

The afternoon will surely stay in everyone’s memory as one of the best rides of their lives as we throttle up from East to West in an idyllic track almost 100km long. Often, it's characterized by it’s smooth and broad forest trails. We’ll keep riding off-road until the sun starts to set. At that point we will make our way to the paved roads and back into Lisbon.
After a full four-day ride through the country, we'll say our good byes and part way. We hope you'll not only have memories that will last a lifetime, but new friendships that will last as well!
Whats included:
- Motorcycle (600cc) and all the fuel you can burn
- 3x Dinners, 4x Lunches, Breakfast
- Lodging
- Professional Guides and Mechanical Assistance
- Personal and Third-Party Insurance
Optional: Come a day earlier and let us teach you all you need to become a better, safer, faster rider!
TrailOut wants to show you Portugal in an unique way. Our vast and diversified range of off-road trails will take you almost everywhere throughout our country-side and give you the chance to experience our amazing culture, gastronomy and to fall in love with the Portuguese life-style and of course, weather! Our team is very professional, we have our own bikes which you can use (600cc). We allow you to book a tour for yourself or your group, and we can even spend 1 or 2 days teaching you all y...

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