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Mekong & Temple Discovery
$ 1970 per person
1 - 10 people
8 Days
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Off-road / Dual-sport
Take in the stunning scenery as we follow the mighty Mekong river north, from the capital city of Phnom Penh all the way up to the Laos/Cambodia border. We’ll camp on a river island, spot the rare Irrawadee river dolphin and boat over to a Laos village for breakfast. We then turn west, riding up to a spectacular mountain top temple on the Thailand / Cambodia border and visit multiple other ancient remote temples sites, lost in the jungle of central Cambodia.

This is a very relaxed ride with more time out of the saddle than some of our other motorcycle tours: perfect for those that are more into sightseeing and exploring their surroundings.
Welcome Day: Phnom Penh
We will organise a tour of the capital city and it’s surrounding areas, giving you the chance to learn about Cambodia’s dark history. Visit the S21 Genocide Museum, the Killing Fields, the bustling Russian Market or even test your aim at the shooting range. In the afternoon you will receive a full briefing of the trip ahead over a few cold beers, followed by a meal at a quality riverfront restaurant.

Accommodation options vary between budget guesthouses, standard hotels and luxury 5* hotels.
Day 1: Phnom Penh to Kampong Cham | 130KM
We’ll swiftly leave the chaos of Phnom Penh behind us, crossing the mighty Mekong river on a local ferry. We’ll then head north, following alongside the river all the way up to the riverside town of Kampong Cham. We’ll ride on a mix of dirt and tarmac roads with some options for trails along the way. We finish the day by riding across a 1km bridge made entirely out of bamboo!

Accommodation options vary between budget guesthouse and quality riverside hotels.
Day 2: Kampong Cham to Kratie | 130KM
Sticking to the side of the Mekong river we will continue north, passing through small villages and fishing communities. We’ll arrive at the riverside town of Kratie early afternoon, so we’ll have plenty of time to take a boat over to the river island of Koh Trong. Here we can hire a bicycle to explore this beautiful and peaceful island, meeting the locals and sampling Khmer foods. After watching the sunset over the river we will hop back on the boat to head back to Kratie town (unless you wish to stay in accommodation on the island!).

Accommodation varies between island homestays, riverside hotels and luxury villas on the island.
Day 3: Kratie to Stung Treng | 145km
Continuing alongside the river, we’ll go for a short ride in the morning before stopping for drinks at a viewing point where we will look out for the rare Irrawadee river dolphin (don’t worry, we’ll get closer to them tomorrow!). Another scenic ride up river leads to the ‘Mekong Turtle Conservation Centre’, situated at the site of the beautiful 480 year old ‘100 Pillar Pagoda’. Here we will see one of the world’s rarest and largest fresh water turtles: Cantor’s Softshell Turtle.

Accommodation options include a budget guesthouse or a riverside hotel.
Day 4: Stung Treng to Laos Border | 85KM
We’ll cross the Mekong in the morning on the newly built 1.7km long bridge and ride the dirt roads north to the Laos border. We’ll hop on a wooden longtail boat that will take us over to Laos where we will learn about the old Fench rail system that used to transport the boats past the rapids. We will also explore a rural village and have a drink with the local Laos people before jumping back in the boat to spot the Irrawadee river dolphin up close.
We’ll then be dropped on our own river island beach where the rest of our team will have prepared our campsite and an almighty BBQ and bonfire! A sunset swim in the Mekong is a must!

Accommodation is in tents with air mattresses.
Day 5: Stung Treng to Preah Vihear | 130KM
We’ll catch the boat over to the Laos side for breakfast (and a strong Laos coffee!) before returning to Cambodia to jump back on the bikes. We’ll cruise the winding dirt roads over to the Mekong river rapids – a truly spectacular sight. We will then say goodbye to the river and ride the dirt roads west. On this stretch, you will start to witness firsthand the fact that Cambodia has one of the highest deforestation rates in the world!

Accommodation is in a guesthouse.
Day 6: Choam Ksant to Koh Ker | 160KM
This morning we ride steep winding roads up to the spectacular mountain top temple of Preah Vihear, situated right on the Cambodia/Thailand border. We will then cruise back down the mountain and head south towards the remote temple site of Koh Ker. The days riding gives options of tarmac or dirt roads and a vast array of winding trails.

Accommodation will be in a remote guesthouse, offering a rooftop view over the jungle canopy.
Day 7: Koh Ker to Siem Reap | 120KM
Koh Ker, a former capital of the Khmer empire, is home to over 180 sanctuaries. We will explore a few of these temples in the morning before hitting the road/dirt. There are some great trail options today as venture towards Siem Reap – alternatively, we can stick to the easy cruising and even visit the waterfall and ancient carvings in the sandstone riverbeds of Kulen Mountain.

Accommodation options vary between budget guesthouses and luxurious hotel resorts.
This trip can be customized in terms of accommodations, bikes and a number of other optional features that can increase or decrease the price. Please message us for more information.
Will there be a support vehicle or a medic on our trip?
Yes. We will have a support vehicle with us that will be driven by a medic.
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